Rajaportti Sauna Address: Pispalan valtatie 9 FI-33250 Tampere FINLAND Tel. +358-50-310 2611 GSM +358-40-776 5198

  • Open
  • Mon, Wed 16 - 22
  • Fri, Sat 14 - 22
  • Entrance fee
  • Mon, Wed: 8 €
  • Fri, Sat: 12 €
  • Children ages 6-15: 4 €
  • Children under 6 years: free

Immortal words after sauna bath in Rajaportti

"Have seen a lot of saunas. This is the best." A man from Kangasala

"Divine sauna bathing." A lady from Turku

"Okunene Okuhepa komevauenu omapiunga." A man from Namibia

"Vot tokkiinsa! Onko tämä taevas?!" A lady from Savo

"Life is harsh, the sauna bath isn’t!" A lady from Pispala

"Veksi from Highlands visiting Rajaportti after 20 years break. The sauna is unchanged. Just those old folks of the civil war 1918 are gone." A man from the Highlands

"Fight demolition" A man from Lapland

"Is this Neverland? May I move here?" A woman from who knows where

"All small electric saunas gotta be coverted altogether to clothes dryers. In here we have some sauna!" A man from Tampere

"I am amazed; such a beautiful and fine sauna exists – and I do have access to this place!" A man from who knows where